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Freelancing Services

what i can do for you

All of my services can be completely tailored to your unique needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. I offer services in all kind of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for someone to write a couple blogs each month or you’re looking for a full blown marketing strategy I have the experience and tools to help you out! My services transcend industry barriers, ask me about my experience in your industry. At the end of the day, I just want to lend a hand.

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Social Media Marketing

It’s no longer enough to simply post and hope it reaches the right people. Social Media is an art form that takes time and energy to master. From content calendars to engaging with your audience, I offer packages for any level of Social Media Marketing!

Search Engine Optimization

One of the pillars of marketing is ranking high on Google’s Search Engine. With a highly comprehensive SEO strategy, we’ll work together to rank for keywords that are integral to your industry. Want to be on the first page of Google? You should start now.

Professional Copywriting

Developing and publishing content on your website is incredibly important. It refreshes your website, gives your clients and audience valuable information, and it will help you to rank higher on Google when it’s paired with the right SEO strategy!

Email Marketing & Automation

Go deeper with your communication and connect with your clients on a personal level. From monthly emails to drip campaigns let’s automate your emails and create a more personal touch to your marketing.

Website Design & Development

Make your website work for you with proper conversion funnels, great information, and a strong SEO strategy. Your website should reflect your brand across every device from desktop to mobile.

Marketing Strategy Development

Get the most out of your marketing with a comprehensive strategy. This strategy will reflect your business goals and allow for you to have a thought out plan to lead the way to success.

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