Email Marketing & Automation

Create value & build a loyal audience

Email Marketing

Create Value & Build a loyal audience

Stop the struggle with email marketing! Do you want to add a more personal touch for your audience? Offer discounts or packages? Even give a monthly update on your business ventures? Let me help you! We can set up drip campaigns to welcome new subscribers, send newsletters to showcase new products, even invite your audience to events. With email lists you can organize your database right down to the person’s job title. Whatever your goals might be, your emailers should always reflect your business’s personality.

Email Marketing

Monthly Newsletters

Update your clients each month with a new blog, a new offer, a sale, or anything you’d like! Monthly newsletters are a great way to get in front of your audience and remind them that you’re there to help them.

Discounts & Offers

Let your audience know about your sales, offers, and discounts. Get them into your store, to buy online, even for special occasions. Whatever your reason for emailing your list, it should always be consistent with your brand messaging and look amazing. Let me help you with it!

Invitations & Events

Sending e-vites is one of the most direct ways to communicate with your audience. Get them to attend by sending them an email! Don’t forget that we can also track all your event analytics – talk to me about your upcoming event!

Email Automation

Organizing Your Database

Email marketing is a great way to direct specific content to specific audiences. Say you want to offer something to your clients who have been with you for over a year, there’s a way to make it easy as pie! Ask me how.

Drip Campaigns

When someone joins your email list the last thing you want them to do is forget that you exist! Automating your emails will make life much easier for you and keep your clients happy with consistent communication.


Make your content work for you! Get more subscribers by offering valuable guides such as “How To” or “Top 10” guides for your clients. After your audience has received a valuable piece of information, they are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletters. I have a ton of ideas for every industry – let’s get cooking!

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