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Increase your rankings

It’s all well and good to have a website, but if no one can find it – what’s the point?! Get your website seen with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From researching keywords that will increase your ranking position on Google to writing new content that will help your website rank for top keywords, I can help you out! SEO is a strategy that every business owner should know about. Search Engine Optimization isn’t just an organic search method, it’s also a huge asset in building and launching paid advertisements on Google. This is a hugely competitive branch of marketing and Search Engine Optimization takes awhile to gain its traction so the sooner we begin, the better!



There is a lot of research that goes into finding the best keywords to rank for. This research is vital to ensuring we’re targeting keywords that are low competition, high value. Let’s find them!

Competitor Analysis

It’s always good to look at the competition, especially when creating an SEO strategy. What are others ranking for? What are their strategies? What content has worked for them? With my resources and experience you can bet we’ll create a great SEO strategy that will work for your business and get you ranking.


An overall strategy will be developed to make sure we stay on track. The right keywords, a good competitor analysis, and a comprehensive content strategy has the ability to bring you to the top.

Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Writing Fresh Content

Developing fresh content tells Google that you’re active and making moves! It’s important with a good SEO strategy to develop new content that is valuable for your audience.

Optimizing Old Content

You don’t have to start fresh with a new SEO strategy. It’s actually very beneficial to keep older content and tweak it to optimize and put it to work for your rankings!

Best Kept Secrets

You don’t have the time to research all of SEO’s best kept secrets… that’s where I come in handy! This marketing strategy is always changing, you need someone who’s on top of it! 

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